Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Looking Back: Valentino AW10 Couture

Anything remotely scallop shell shaped, I fall immediately and
uncontrollably in love with. Do I need help?
Blah blah blah we get how much you love Valentino etc. etc. Can we please move on? Sorry, but no. Their collections always make an impression, and a warning... more Valentino is headed your way. Enjoy! :)

Ok so it is couture, but I'm still not sure about the birdcage.
Almost lol-worthy actually.
Pretty kitten heels. I can just imagine these with a flowy maxi skirt.
One of my favourites.
Quite like the hems they've done, like a drop-waist, ruffled hem.
Don't think it'd look good on my frumpy self, though;
everything looks better on a model.
The only point I'd like to make here is that it shouts 'architectural' to me.
Like there's the roof and the boxy white windows.
Again, one of the pieces not everyone can pull off.
Ah, reminds me of the Valentino perfume bottle design...consistent.
They really hit it off with the bows. So adorable.

Simply lovely. Natural too, it looks tied.
I actually want to make a skirt like this but without the ribbon edges.
You know, I never really liked Karlie's lips...
The eye make up was lovely and sparkly fresh. 
Image source: style.com

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