Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cacharel SS13 Ready-to-Wear

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Today I'll be looking at something a little more summery; after all, it is the first week of summer here in Sydney! Be ready for some bright, fresh colours, romantic undertones and FAB sunnies...

Fave backstage shot
I love a retro, front tie that doesn't reveal too much!
Watercolour dress.
O what a flouncy, flouncy hem!
I am in love with the two panels over the shoulder and bust.
Plus, a perfect fabric choice that gives off a glow and glimmers with
light and shade.
Light and airy white dress.
Perhaps would have preferred it sleeveless...
I really do adore a good watercolour print.
Just the way it spills, darker shades here and lighter shades there.
A close up and my favourite buttons.
This is really playful/fun (ahem the sheer skirt and loud knicker-shorts).
The first of two fab summer shirt-dresses with an adorable,
buttoned-up collar.
This second one is more of a coat-dress but it too seems perfect for
hotter weather. 
An amazing strapless maxi. Gorgeous.
Anais!! in funky, translucent glasses which I love.
Oh and on a side note, the fr
inge: messy but trimmed, kinda cute. 
Wish I could try bangs but my hair is just too adsfgkl (frizzy, dry) haha :)
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Looking Back: Valentino AW11 Couture

Hey! Another Valentino post, yay! And boy, do I have a couple more lined up for you. 
So what I really loved about this collection is the HAIR GAH so perfect. So dainty, sparkly and nature-inspired with an organic element. And the hair pretzel is lovely too.
Pretty make up.
Close up of the hair pretzel. How did they tuck the hair in the middle in?
Backstage. Must try the sweater-skirt combo soon (swoon!)
Lurvely textures from top to bottom.
Clean and simple with superb attention to detail at the neckline, waistline 
and sleeves.
Um. I'm speechless.
The fringed hem is boho-chic but at the same time interior-inspired
Whimsical. And what looks like a mermaid tail.
Close up, we see the criss-crossed lace and neck detail. 
Lovely and all but personally, I wouldn't wear it.
Somebody PLEASE tell me what these type of buttons are called???
Loving the sleeves.
Cape-like element adds an ethereal quality to the dress.
Adorable cape-like coat with slits for the arms (reminds me of 
fairy-tales) and plaited cording detail to complement the clean lines 
and smooth texture.
Dark, velvet-y, gothic, regal.
Ombre/gradient and sheer, both of which I am loving right now
Dainty pearl embellishment can never go wrong.
Buckles, yes! I quite like the way these look when viewed from front-on, 
but that's about it. Metallic lace, though; always lovely.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Looking Back: Alexis Mabille SS11 Men Ready-to-Wear

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I have to confess I am not very well acquainted with men's wear (nor women's, nor fashion in general..), but this collection caught my eye with all the flowers tossed in tousled hair, plus how could one resist a dapper bow-tie?
I can't say if I'll be looking at more men's wear any time soon, but anyhow, here are my picks from Alexis Mabille's SS11 men's collection. 

The rough, raw mineral look for accessories always gets me.
I think it adds some refined toughness to an outfit.
The slashes on the jacket, also - trans-seasonal and aesthetic, too.
I reckon striped pants are really cool and the belt matches.
The incorporated bow-tie is a cute detail and the subtle contrast in colour.
Great lines/shapes in the shirt. Oh and also the shoes, they add a nice
layer to the look. Not so much a fan of the beaded bracelets but I 
do like the symmetry of having them on both wrists.
I'm a sucker for applique and flowers.
The weave of the fabric is fab. And the flowers, used sparingly,
are whimsical but not too girly.
I am quite liking the dark shirt under lighter jacket/pant combo right now.

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Looking Back: Valentino AW10 Couture

Anything remotely scallop shell shaped, I fall immediately and
uncontrollably in love with. Do I need help?
Blah blah blah we get how much you love Valentino etc. etc. Can we please move on? Sorry, but no. Their collections always make an impression, and a warning... more Valentino is headed your way. Enjoy! :)

Ok so it is couture, but I'm still not sure about the birdcage.
Almost lol-worthy actually.
Pretty kitten heels. I can just imagine these with a flowy maxi skirt.
One of my favourites.
Quite like the hems they've done, like a drop-waist, ruffled hem.
Don't think it'd look good on my frumpy self, though;
everything looks better on a model.
The only point I'd like to make here is that it shouts 'architectural' to me.
Like there's the roof and the boxy white windows.
Again, one of the pieces not everyone can pull off.
Ah, reminds me of the Valentino perfume bottle design...consistent.
They really hit it off with the bows. So adorable.

Simply lovely. Natural too, it looks tied.
I actually want to make a skirt like this but without the ribbon edges.
You know, I never really liked Karlie's lips...
The eye make up was lovely and sparkly fresh. 
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