Friday, 9 November 2012

Looking Back: Marc Jacobs SS10 Ready-to-Wear

Ah...I think it's time we take a trip back to 2010 and admire some of the beautiful, beautiful pieces in Marc Jacobs' RTW SS10 collection shown at New York Fashion Week. I have to say I'm not really a fan of the make up, but I can see that it does enhance the whimsical feel and feminine poise of the whole collection...Enjoy!

This is my favourite. Love love love it. 
DETAIL. So organic and dainty.
Perfect. The shirt and then the frills, oof. But the bag...
Close up.

Reminds me of power shoulders...
Lovely jumpsuit.
That jacket and the layers.
Another cute jacket.
Did I mention I reeally love the choice of fabrics for everything?
And look at them pants/leggings SHINY
Shoes are interesting and kind of have a boho vibe.
Pretty much the only bag I liked in the whole collection.
Gorgeous, especially the velvet zipper pull! It's more of an evening bag, don't you think?
A closer look at hair and make up.

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