Friday, 9 November 2012

Looking Back: Jil Sander AW12 Ready-to-Wear

What I really love about Jil Sander is the whole crisp, clean aesthetic. It is so simple yet there is some unspoken sophistication about it all. The runway design was also lovely. Good job Raf, props to you, bud.

Most romantic-slick (it's a word now) dress. The bodice most of all.
Pockets, too.
Fab jacket.
Hi Julia.
Mmmm clutchey goodness and a knitted sleeve detail.
Shoes were...MEH.
The blocking and the colours and the textures and.
The high-waisted pant and bodice combo is always chic.
And you need them shoulders to pull it off...
THE black dress.
To be honest, I wouldn't ever wear a navy or dark/bright blue dress.
I just never liked the colour, I guess. This dress, though, is a lovely meeting of off-the-shoulder glam and modernity.
Close up, I can't really tell but is that a sheer panel?
A better, classier choice than a cut-out I reckon.

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