Thursday, 15 November 2012

Valentino SS13 Ready-to-Wear

Don't even get me started on Valentino. Valentino is swoon-worthy every time. Never hits a miss. Perfect. Just so damn perfect. And without further ado, I present to you another success that is the SS13 Ready-to-Wear collection shown at Paris Fashion Week. Here are my favourite pieces.

Plastic fantastic is totally a thing now, and the leather trim
and stud detailing all go so well together.
The applique flower fabric is so summery.
The perspex is so clean and so beautiful, and the chain even, just, argh.
Another interesting thing they did this year was the front panels that
sorta remind me of bibs - which are lovely with a collar I must say.
The dandelion detail though...I prefer my dandelions simply embroidered
or printed,with less beading and embellishment.
Nevertheless they are a whimsical detail of the dress!
The cutwork is reminiscent of Louis Vuitton SS12 but less pretty.
The colour blocks are nice.
I don't know about you but the embellishment for me totally harks back to
the AW11 couture collection (e.g. this)
Adorable dress and particularly the beading.
Impartial to the clutch/bangles though doubles seem like a chic idea.
Beading is so, so delicate and lovely.
I am really liking the slip dress and how simple and elegant and
delicate it is. And there were a lot of "and"s in that sentence. 

Also, I always appreciate a good pocket detail which seems to be just
visible through the almost opaque material.
That dress is worthy of a god. Or a queen, Queen Nobis hah.
Up close.
Curse the lighting on this photograph!
Trust Valentino to come up with the most unfathomably genius rain
coat trench EVER. Because who wouldn't want to show off their gorgeous
dress even when it's cold?
 Now let's move on to transparent shoes.
This is probably one of the nicer ones out of the collection.
And this one is probably the chicest transparent shoe ever made.

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